Message when opening rejected questionnaire

Good Day,
We are using version 18.10 currently in field. One of the Survey officers have indicated that he gets a message when trying to open a rejected by supervisor questionnaire “Failed to open the interview - object reference not set to an instance of an object”

Any suggestion to the cause would be appreciated.

Kind regards


  1. update interviewer X (original interviewer that experienced the problem) to 18.10.2;
  2. reject to interviewer Y (another interviewer)
  3. synchronize interviewer X - rejected interview should be taken off from the dashboard;
  4. change the rejection from Y back to X;
  5. synchronize X
  6. Retry to open the interview on X.

Try to do the above while on reliable internet connection. Let us know if after steps above you still experience the issue.

Best, Sergiy

Thank you Sergiy, We will try that.
Much appreciated


Please instruct your interviewers to update their tablets to 18.10.2.