Measure time taken to complete section

Dear Survey Team,

Is there a way (besides the current time question within the designer) how we can measure the time taken to complete a section within my interview? Or is there data available within our Survey Solutions postgres database which I could use to calculate the time taken to complete a section within my Interview?

Kind regard
Eugene Ehlers

Dear Eugene,

To compute the time spent between two questions you can take a look at the paradata which is described here.

If I would like to get an estimate of the time spent within one section I just sum up the seconds that are spent (using variable ‘timestamp’) between the first Answer was set (event=="AnswerSet) within Section X until the last question was answered.

Since there is no variable in the paradata that indicates the section in which the question was asked, you would need to refer to the Designer to look up the respective variable names.

It becomes nasty if

  1. the first or last question of the section was not answered (look out for enabling conditions on those questions)
  2. the interviewer jumps to other sections in between and finishes the respective section afterwards
  3. the interviewer changes answers after the interview process (e.g. resolving issues after complete/reject)

So some cleaning (or ‘if’ conditions) might be necessary. But so far it helped me to get a more or less reliable estimate of the time spent within a section.

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Thank you Peter, this is very helpful. I’ll definitely have a look at the paradata and I’ll keep your pointers in mind.

Eugene Ehlers