Meaning of the statuses to export surveys using Survey Solutions API

Good morning Survey Solutions team.

I am investigate about the Status of exported interviews, I would like know what represent each state, is to say, what is the meaning for each status?
I am telling about these status

I found some information about the Interview statuses here but in that information I can’t found the meaning for each status.

I continued investigate and found the following information about the interpretation of the paradata file here this really help me in my investigation but some statuses haven’t any description like these status

  1. “Deleted”
  2. “Restored”
  3. “Created”
  4. “ReadyForInterview”
  5. “SentToCapi”
  6. “Restarted”
  7. “RejectedByHeadquarters”

So I would like that somebody help me with the description for each status preferably all the statuses displayed in the pic above.

Thanks for support me.

The documentation here has revealed more than actually is needed. It has revealed the interviews’ statuses that exist internally in the system, not the ones possible for export.

The export engine supports export of the interviews in the following statuses corresponding to the settings in the interface:

Other statuses should not be mentioned in this context.

Best, Sergiy

Thanks @sergiy

One question more, What parameters I should to send for the fields from and to ?


from and to are optional parameters allowing to narrow down to interviews that had a change in the specified time window. this can be used to reduce download volume in long surveys, since there is usually no need to recheck the interviews that have long been checked and approved (say 3 months ago) if the task is checking.

In fact, the note to the right of the red box on the screenshot explains the meaning of the parameters.

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