Maximum of validation in a same question?

In a question, I note that if we have ten (10) validations, it is impossible to add another validation in the same question. The button “Add Validation” can’t appear.
Is there a maximum of validation we can add in a same question?

yes, 10 is the maximum for adding separate expressions and error messages. However the expressions can be as complex as you need so there should be a way to combine some of them to stay under this limit.

For example, instead of having two checks - ‘age must be higher than x’ and ‘age must be lower than y’ you could just check that age is in x,y range and use one validation ‘age must be between x and y’

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This question has been already asked in this forum before, kindly search before posting the new questions:

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Thanks, I had done some research but couldn’t find it. Maybe I didn’t put the right criteria.

No problem, will you be able to share a practical example where more than 10 validation rules apply to the same question?