Max number of assignments and interviews

What is the maximum number of assignments per instance ?
And the maximum number of interviews ?


Can we asume that the maximum number of assignments per instance corresponds to the maximum number of a int32 type in c# (this is 2,147,483,647) ?

No, this will not be correct, since the assignments are numbered independently in each workspace.

You will likely hit some other limit before reaching this one.

If you are even remotely approaching this limit, you are probably doing something inefficient.

Dear @sergiy
The situation is simpler, I received from NSO this question: “How many assignments and interviews supports a SuSo server?” I looked for this information in the knowledge base, specifically in the article name “Survey Solutions Limits” but it is not there. What NSO needs is a confirmation that SuSo has no problem handling millions of interviews. How many assignments an instance of SuSo will be able to handle? Thanks