When I create a ‘map.tpk’, I can’t use it in my tablet .
When i’m making a polygon, I find a message ‘your device does not support this functionality’ !

  • What is your device?
  • What is the Android version?
  • What is the Survey Solutions version?
  • Can it display the standard map (very low resolution map of the world that comes with Survey Solutions)?

Hi Sergiy,
I use Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T515.
The android version is 10.
The survey solutions version is 20.10.4.
How do I get the standard map of survey solutions ?

Hi Said,

We suspect that your device has problems with maps functionality.

Could you please do the following

  1. Install application “ArcGIS Runtime SDK Sample Viewer” from Google Play Store on the device that experienced this issue.
  2. Search for “Sketch Editor”.
  3. Select polygon at the bottom of the screen and draw a polygon.

Let us know is it working.

Hi vitalii,
I have performed the steps mentioned, and I found it working fine.

Is there anything specific about the process how you create that file? Perhaps don’t load that file, and let the interviewer work with an online map only. If that works, then it it the file that you’ve created that caused the crash.

Ok sergiy, just, how create a good file (.tpk) to be used in survey solutions.

Does “Ok” mean that it works with the online map and the tpk-file was the culprit?

Yes sergiy, this is what I found.

Survey Solutions accepts map files in ESRI-developed *.tpk format described here:

If you are using any non-ESRI tools for composing the map files, please contact the corresponding developer for any compatibility problems.

Hint: Opening the problematic file in ArcGIS may result in a more descriptive message indicating what the incompatibility is. We do not do such diagnostics.