Mapping points collected from Geography question

Hi Survey Solutions team members,
When collecting points from the Geography question, is it possible to project these points on the map shown in the Map Report option? Currently, this is done by interview and only for interviewers. It would be very useful for the supervisors and the HQ to Map these different points collected by the interviewers.

Thanks a lot.

Currently only GPS coordinates can be shown on a map for Supervisor and HQ users.

Thanks a lot Sergiy.

Follow up question related to this - on the map that is shown to supervisors and HQ users that projects the points on a map and connects them to form an outline, is it possible to somehow add a single reference point (prefilled lat/lon value) to display on the map as well? We would like for supervisors and HQ users to be able to confirm if the polygon contains the reference coordinates and I’m wondering if there is a way we can program this?


What is that map? Please find that page on the demo-server and include the link here.