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What is the format to add multiple users in the user to upload? In the users column I have tried every format - space between user name, comma, semi colon between but can’t seem to assign more than one user to a map.



Dear Lachlan,

You have to use comma, then space.

eg: Viet Nam.tif Alex, Lachlan

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Multiple assignments to one map somehow it does not work properly. After uploading map the map shows it has successfully upload (Status: links for 2 maps was processed with 0 invalid) but does not assign.

Good day @moemedi01 ,

Could you please shed some light here? How did you find that out? What did you do to clarify that?

As for the user-to-map linking file format, Aleksandra is right

map users
map1 interviewer1,interviewer2,interviewer3
map2 interviewer1,interviewer2
map3 interviewer2, …

@moemedi01 see also

I uploaded EA40990212_DUs.shp,EA40990231_DUs.shp maps and they were successfully uploaded. My next step was to link the map to the users such that I am assigning 1 map to multiple users(see the attached image reply comment) then uploaded the files and received confirmation message that it is successfully… The next step is to verify from the tablet using one assigned user, the map was not successflly linked because the enumerator could not download from the tablet. Then verified by downloading [DOWNLOAD EXISTING LINKS]–>(from map menu)…the xls shows uploaded map map column and empty values on users column.

One map to one user and one user to multiple maps works fine…

Note that invalid names of maps and users are simply IGNORED!

Try removing the quotes that were not part of the file specification.

Hello @moemedi01 , has the issue been resolved? Best, Sergiy.

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Happy new year…Yes removing quotes resolved the problem

Dear @moemedi01 ,

thank you very much for confirming.

Best, Sergiy