Map Report: Sorry, we have no imagery here

The Google map imagery in the map report stopped loading since a few days.

Is this a error with the google maps api end or error in configuration error in SuSo? We had set up the google maps api a few days ago and we had started seeing the imagery.

Hard to say, but if you zoom out and pan around at least something should be shown (say at the country level). I can’t judge on the location or level of detail from the image without a scale. It could be a country, or it could be a 2x2meter area within a secret military installation. In the former case - it is likely a setup error, in the latter, could be a legitimate restriction.

Google’s coverage is extremely good, but apparently not absolute:

The error remains the same, even when completely zoomed all the way out.

Scale at the bottom of the map.

Dear @ashwinikalantri , thank you for reporting the issue. This is reproducible on the public demo server, so likely is not an issue of the incorrect setup.

On the demo server:

  1. MAP view works;
  2. SATELLITE view doesn’t work (shows “sorry, we have no imagery here”)
  3. SATELLITE VIEW WITH LABELS partially works (doesn’t show satellite image tiles, but does show the labels/landmarks).

Could you please confirm this with your server?
The issue has been noted and we will investigate the failure to acquire satellite image tiles.

I am not aware of any immediate workaround, unless the regular map presentation is suitable (depends on the project).

Thank you, Sergiy

On our server, all three views don’t work and show the same error.

same problem with my server, recently updated to 21.06.02 from 21.01.06

Regular map works on our 21.06.1 servers as previoulsy reported.

But also just found out that satellite views do not work in 21.06.1 and 21.06.2.

Map satelite view seems to work fine in 21.06.3 (using docker image released on 2021-08-13).