Map Report Loading

Dear team,

Kindly help with the below:

On my Survey solutions HQ instance, when I ckick on Reports-Maps, it loads for a second then brings an error with instruction to chdck on the Javascript error.

On checking, it talks about api key which I have faithfully created andadded on my instance… Could there be something am missing?


What does the error say? (verbatim).


Please see attached image for the error.
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Here is the attached screenshot for the error.

“Something went wrong” is not a description that we can follow up on.
The message instructs to “see the JavaScript console for technical details” and these details is where we go next (to console).

Hello, about this problem

Can you tell us how you fixed it? I mean could you give us more details?
Thank you

Regarding this issue I did buy an SSL Certificate and installed on my server. This then allowed Secure requests to the Google Maps API.