Map points that repressents assigments and interviews

Colleting information in buildings

In our survey we have to visit thousands of multiple floor bulding, most of the assigments go with a GPS coordinates that comes for our database. All the appartments of a building share the same GPS coordinate, we are using Interviewer with maps support.

Experienced bechavior:

Here is a tablet dashboard screeshot with 24 cards that correspont to 24 appartment in the same building. The first assigment is the #238 and the last one is #261.

The map shows only one point in the map, wich is the spected behavior because all the 24 assigments have the same GPS coordinate.

When clicking in the map point this only shows the last assigment card #261 (even there are 24 assigments)

After completing the first interview the map point turns green color and it is not possible to open a new interview (even there are still 23 pending assigments asociated to the same GPS coordinate)


  1. Although the map shows only one point , is it possible to show all the assigments cards that share the same GPS coordinate ? This way the interviewer would select in the map the appartment card that he is visiting.
  2. Is it possible that the map point remains blue while there are still appartments pending to visit for the same GPS coordinate ? Under the current behavior is not possible to continue working with the map to open the other assignments in the same building.

Thank you

Dear aguinada,

For now Interviewer application supports only one icon for items with the same coordinates. But thank you for good idea to improve the app.

By default, interviews have higher priority to display, but you could use filter to remove interview icon(s) from Map Dashboard and overview an assignment(s). Please take a look at the video below. Also you can find more helpful information about this functionality here.

Dear vfedoseev,

Thank you for your response.
We will follow your sugestiong of removing the interview icon from de map.

We now encounter the same problem for a HBS and an Agricultural Census.
@vfedoseev , you said you liked the suggestion to improve the Map Dashboard in this point.
So here is some additional information:
The statistical office in question used CSPro for another survey and they tell me that there you tap the icon once for the first assignment, once more to see the second one, and so on.
This makes sense to me.

Thank you @klaus for your suggestion. We will discuss this approach or add some kind of selector to choose an assignment or interview.

Thank you @vfedoseev, that sounds good.
I suppose a marker which hides multiple other markers should also be identified as such, maybe showing a dot or a + in the center…