Map integration

Good day, i am have a issue that i hope you can help me with, i am trying to use a shape file with a geography question…so first thing is trying to put the a shape file on the tablet. question whats the folder that it should be in?

Do you mean this feature?

Good day, thanks for responding. I read through the document already. what i was unclear on was the location is it that i am to create this folder, because on the tablet i am not seeing this location.

Good day, could i get some help on this please…as integration of the maps into survey is of great importance to us.

Folder TheWorldBank/Shared/ShapefileCache doesn’t exist on a tablet by default. You should create it manually and copy shapefile files directly to this folder.

Regarding maps integration there are several articles I can recommend that could be helpful for you:

Note also the naming of the folder has changed with introduction of workspaces. See details here: