Map displayded on the devices to capture gps questions

Hi everybody,
Our team of GIS have been working with the coordenates downloaded from gps questions previously captured by our interviewers and devices.

They have asked me if is any possibility that the map which is dispayded in the tablet be a special map prepared for them (uploaded to the server maybe) that contain for example the number of ID or land registry of the parcel and when we download coordinates (which would be captured by the devices) we also can download the ID number of parcel asociated.

We work with a local server.
Any idea or coments will be welcome…

You can overlay the plot boundaries on the TPK map (with corresponding IDs). In that case these texts will be visible when the interviewers zoom the maps.

Once you download the point coordinates you pass it to the GIS team and they will run the point-in-polygon routine to determine to which plot the point belongs (ID).
Not the other way around.

Ok thank you Sergiy I understood your post.
I don´t know if I was clear in the post above so just in case
I will clarify what I was talking about. I talked about the map that display the divice from Google (I think) in GPS type question is there any possibility to modify or improve that map?. or is this something about we can´t have influence in anyway

Users can’t influence the map which is displayed in the GPS question after capturing the coordinates.

@aortiz_dd, when you talk about modifying or improving the map, who is the user: the interviewer or the person preparing the map? If the interviewer, Serigy’s right. The interviewer can only provide the information expected (allowed) by the geography question using the map. If the person preparing the map, then the map can contain whatever information/layers is allowed by the map format used. But, again, the interviewer can only “add” whatever info the geography question allows (e.g., single point, set of points, polygon, polylines, etc.). (Note: I put add in quotes because the data exported from the geography question is not a new map, but instead coordinates or lines that could be added to some map/GIS system via the usual GIS tools.)

Alicia has written specifically:

The map as shown in the GPS question is not configurable.
Neither by the designer, nor by the interviewer.