Map Dashboard Developer License Only

Dear All,

Just want to ask why this message:

“Licensed For Developer Use Only”

is showing on the Map Dashboards. It is not always there but from time to time I’m seeing it.

Question is how can we removed it, if we need license from Esri please advise what license to get or if it is code related which part of the code will we check?

Thank you very much.


I am not seeing this in the most recent version 23.06.2.

  • What version are you using?
  • What application are you talking about (Interviewer or Supervisor)?
  • What do I need to do to reproduce this on my device?

Hi Sergiy,

We are using a customized version coming from 23.06.
It shows both for Interviewer and Supervisor from time to time (now you see it now you don’t)
I can send you an apk with open endpoint (or maybe the code), just pm me how will i send it.

Hello @OliverPA,

thank you very much for explaining that the message you observe is obtained from a customized version of Survey Solutions compiled from source code, and not from the product compiled by our team.

As you can see in our screenshots (example), the message “Powered by Esri” is present, is non-removable, and signifies that the product is making use of the ArcGIS Runtime API for Android.

You will also see the attribution to the sources of digital maps data, the exact text of which will vary (may mention Maxar, Microsoft, Esri, Garmin, and/or other source as can be seen in the screenshot mentioned above).

The message “Licensed For Developer Use Only” indicates that you are still to acquire a license for such development (from ESRI directly). Once the product is recompiled with the valid license this message should not appear anymore.

Hope this helps, Sergiy

Hi @Sergiy,

I will check the original apk file (interviewer app v23.06) if it doesn’t have the “Licensed For Developer Use Only” watermark. If I remember correctly, even with the default map (World Map) it still shows. Will post back what I will find.

We are also communicating with Esri on this. The reason why I asked here is because:

  1. The watermark is not always there, it’s like 50/50 chance to show up, that’s is why we are thinking that it could be just on the code were are running.
  2. We are not doing any map editing or manipulation, just the normal displaying of boundaries (shape files) and base maps, we just used our own maps and shape files. We also want to know if other users subscribed to ArcGIS Runtime API for this basic feature.