Manually Uploading (former, archived) Submissions into actual Database

Dear Survey Soulutions Support Team,

I would like to know if I could manually upload submissions from previous surveys to the actual database. Meaning I have a .CSV with 400 data entries which I would like to have in the actual (empty) database ready for the new survey. Assuming the datamodel is 100% the same. Objectif: I would like to have a complete database online and centralized that will be then continuously built-up (Master DB from the past + from now + from the future).

KoboToolbox is providing a function like this: Manually Uploading Submissions — KoboToolbox documentation

Thank you very much in advance for your feedback.

Best, Charlotte

Hello Charlotte,

there will be cases where you can do it, and there will be cases where you can’t. It depends on the questionnaire (even provided that you are not changing it between the survey update rounds).

Looking at the example questionnaire at the linked KoboToolbox page I see no problem turning that very survey into continuously updated database.

You may occasionally find that you need to do some minimal data manipulation, e.g. to drop the calculated variables, which could be done manually, or with some minimal scripting in other software like Stata/R/Python/…

Hope this helps, Sergiy

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Dear Sergiy,

thanks for your fast feedback. May you also be able to help out where I could find the correponding function for uploading external data in the user interface itself - assuming that everything is perfectly prepared.

Thank you very much again.


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