Lookup tables with multiselect question

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I would like to know if it is possible to use lookup tables with a multiselect question. If the answer is yes, what is the expression to use.

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Lookup table is a tool to translate one number into another, where there is no formula. Such as currency code into currency exchange rate.

What kind of a use of “lookup tables with a multiselect question” do you have in mind?

I have information on the area for several pieces of land (each of which has a unique code number) that are part of a unique farm.
I have a multiselect combobox question to select all the codes corresponding to the pieces of land that are associated to the farm. Then,
I would like to:
a) check that all the pieces of land exist in the lookup table, and
b) I want to have the area associated to each piece of land.

  1. DO NOT USE LOOKUP TABLES FOR PRELOADING DATA (if this is what you are doing).

  2. Multiselect will only allow you to select from the contained options. So, since you are preparing both items of multiselect and items in the lookup table they are bound to match. Hence you can guarantee (A). For (B) you can get e.g. the area of the 17th plot as T[17].area
    Where T is the name of the lookup table and area is the name of the column containing areas.
    Best, Sergiy

I’m not planning to use the lookup table for preloading data, but to validate the answer of specific questions…many thanks!