Long Code List more than 200 concepts

Scenario: There is the need to display in a control (list / combobox) all the concepts of classifiers that handle more than 200 concepts.

Example: In states such as Oaxaca, we have more than 570 municipalities. A question must be able to display a list with all these options.

  1. We have found that controls in Survey Solutions cannot display a code list with more than 200 numeric keys. We have made a hierarchical decomposition of the codes presenting them as separate options through different controls, but there are cases when this is not a feasible solution. Is there any way to display large code lists as options in a single control?

  2. Additionally, the solution would require converting alphanumeric codes to numeric keys, which is not a desirable approach. Is there any way to manage classifiers without having to make such conversions?

  1. You can have more than 200 items in a categorical question if you make it a combo box. This is what I do if I have a question with hundreds of options. Scrolling through hundreds of options is really inefficient for interviewers so it’s better that they can search for the category using a combo box.

  2. I may be wrong but I do not think this is possible at the moment. You will probably have to give them numeric keys for the data collection and then turn match the keys back to their text during data processing. Hopefully there will be an export that will have the text values instead of the numeric keys at some point (see feature request in this thread).

specifically why is this a problem?

When you say you made a hierarchical decomposition do you mean you created some cascading combo box questions?
This was the method I used to separate Provinces/Districts/Villages.
This allows you use the place name or alphanumeric code in the question, which will store the numeric code as the value and the alphanumeric code/place name as the Label.

The only drawback is that you can’t use the sub-cascades as identifying.