Login interviewer demo server

I hope this finds you well.

I have used SurveySolutions lot in the past. Now I am consulting a company on data collection instruments and want to demo to them an example (on the demo Headquarter1 server).

I could log in successfully as Headquarter1, imported one of my questionnaires (SICHERHEITSKOPIE FINAL VRAIE COLLECTE) and created an interviwer (SarahMoeser and SarahTest) and assigned these two to the questionnaire.

But: I am not able to log in as an interviewer (I would like to simply use the interviewer web login to show how to do an interview online using the web brower to then show the data flow incl. data export with results).

Could you please help me out and explain this little piece I dont get (login as SarahTest with PW: SarahTest123457) I think the rest I understand and can manage. Login page is the same as for Headquarter1 right? so this one: https://demo.mysurvey.solutions/Account/

Thanks so much in advance


See password issues.
If this doesn’t help, please explain what does it mean “I am not able”.
What are you doing and how does the system respond?

Hi Sarah,
I tried to login out of curiosity to see what error you get.
The user SarahTest doesn’t exist, but TestSarah exists.
If you then login with a password of TestSarah123457 (also inverted!), you are in :slight_smile:

@sarahmoeser , could you please confirm that Klaus has solved your puzzle? Or if not, please provide a bit more details. Best, Sergiy