Login doesn't work at demo site

User Kate Runge has sent us the following question:

while that login works on the designer and elsewhere, I can’t seem to make it work for the Headquarters login. Could you provide assistance?

This is correct, the demo server is not accepting the Designer credentials, and it never meant to do that. These are two entirely different systems. There is only one Designer, but there are thousands of HQ data servers. You can self-register at Designer, but this doesn’t open up the way to gain access to actual data collection sites. The corresponding server administrator should let you in. Only he can decide which role to assign to you as a user based on your role in the data collection process.

If you are using a PDS - you will have the admin-credentials mailed to you automatically on PDS creation.

If you are using a public demo server, then the HQ-credentials are made publicly known at the demo server description page.

If you are using any other server, then you must be assigned a role and username/password combination by the person who controls the server.

Best Sergiy

Hi. The user and password provided for the demo server are not working, I have been trying, but doesn’t work.
Can you help me Please?