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Hi there,

Is it possible to set a variable in the questionnaire equal to the 'user name’of the person who has logged in with the interviewer software on the tablet when they want to capture that specific questionnaire?

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Eugene Ehlers

Dear Eugene,

No, we don’t have such functionality.

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Survey Solutions team support

Eugene, why would you wish to do this? How is your questionnaire depending on who is filling it in? Sergiy

Please have a look at Interview_actions file that contains all changes of interview statuses and record agents responsible for each action. You can merge that file with your main data file.


The collected data get exported to a database that has a field to identify the data collector responsible for the data collection, specifically in this longitudinal database, data items are associated with the interview visit at which the data was collected - the visit documents the date, location and interviewer. We know it is possible to obtain this information from the paradata, but the paradata is very detailed and cumbersome to work with.

Kobus, you don’t need to work with paradata files produced by Survey Solutions for this task, but rather the file mentioned above, which is automatically part of your data download.

There are multiple advantages of relying on automatically recorded IDs:

  1. no need to spend time to type own ID for interviewers;
  2. no possibility of a typo or intentional ID misspecification;
  3. possibility to capture multiple interviewer IDs if more than one interviewer were involved.

Same with the date - rely on the FirstAnswerSet event in the interview_actions file to determine the interview start time.

We do not capture the location automatically. This final bit of information for your visits records you will need to extract from the main survey data.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin