Local Server login error

I am unable to login to the local server deployment that we have created. Because of fear of a forgotten password we uninstall and reinstalled the application software, and changed the password however I am unable to login to the headquarters on the initialized system.

As an admin you can reset the HQ-user password.

How can that be done?

I see the error, I virtualize the setup on another server and got the administrator set up page, which did not come up when the initial setup took place

which password did you forget, exactly?

  • Survey Solutions HQ-user?
  • Survey Solutions admin user?
  • admin of the server where Survey Solutions is installed? (Windows password)
  • something else?

the admin user for, this is the page I didn’t receive.

this is the page i get after initialization of the server

The page showing the blue CREATE button is where you literally create the admin account. Nobody can send it to you, because you yourself invent the name and the password for the admin account.

Obviously that account shall be used first to create all other accounts, that is the second screen you’ve shown with the green LOG IN button.

That’s the issue I didnt recieved first page, on my webserver server, I only received it on my test server

This can be the case when Survey Solutions already existed on that computer and the existing database was found during the installation. In that case this will be equivalent to an update and the older password stored in the DB would still apply.

Strangely this wasn’t the case for us because it is a new webserver, I was unable to find a solution by reinstalling both postgresql and survey Solutions server, had to delete the old installation files, so I got it to work.
thank you for your assistance