Local Server Installation

Hello Team,

I have done an installation of Survey solutions on my own server(64gb Ram, 3Tb SSD). My questionnaire has Multimddia data. Is there any consideration I need to know or have beforehand?

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Is this for the upcoming Census of India?

Not really. This is for some Household survey in Afghan.

Looks more than enough.

Take into account, that images are stored in filesystem, not a db. My personal suggestion is to setup filesystem backup strategy. Into cloud (OneDrive, blackbase, crashplan, syncthings, etc) or separate drive.

Out of curiosity, is this windows setup or docker?

Windows setup. Thank you. The drives are separate and we also have a onedrive backup account.

You seem to ask a question whether the server is right for the job, but provided no description of the job. So how could one tell?