Local Server hosting

We installed survey solution software and can access server. But when we want to import questionnaire we face a problem. The message is: “The server is not registered with Questionnaire Designer. Please contact support for registration. IP:”.

pls give suggestion to resolve this.

We have Data Privacy Policy in our organisation and we have to use our own server to collect data.

You need to submit server request through our portal. Upon approval, your server IP address will be whitelisted.

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Hi all,
Had the same problem as proloygoswami and I filled the required request. I wish to know how long it takes to register the server.

jeanbernard, our records indicate that your last request was processed on the same day it was submitted. If you see different in your dashboard, please contact the support email with the 4-digit request number. Best, Sergiy

Thank you. I will do that and contact the support email if any problem arise.

Really I like this prompt reply.