Local Installation

How can i get access to the solution software for local installation and possibly installation documentation.


Dear Bassey Ekeng-Ewa,

Survey Solutions supports several modes of server installation including installation on the local servers. However, we recommend our users who are just starting with Survey Solutions to use our free cloud servers on the WB infrastructure. There is a learning curve in collecting data with Survey Solutions CAPI and, from our experience, it might difficult for our users to adjust their data collection practices to protocols imposed by Survey Solutions simultaneously with dealing with issues that might arise from local installation.

Local installation of Survey Solutions is also more expensive for us to support. It is very difficult for us to separate issues related with local network configurations, firewalls, ports, etc. from the issue directly related with Survey Solutions. It is also difficult for the Survey Solutions support to work on the remote servers. In some cases, actions of inexperienced users caused data loses and interruptions in the data collection.

So, we recommend you to use Survey Solutions on the World Bank cloud servers for two-three surveys and then discuss with us a possibility of switching to a local server.

Please contact us if you need to discuss your special circumstances.

Thanks Micha for your explanation. I would like however understand anything.
I downloaded a setup exe to install on my computer but it ask Windows server to setup. How can I successfully setup that application on Windows 10?

No, you cannot install Survey Solutions on Windows 10. You will need Windows Server. Please refer to the technical specifications that could be found on our support site.

you need a ‘Server’ version of Windows to install Survey Solutions. See here for minimal requirements:

Best, Sergiy

thanks you. I will follow your link

Hi @misha , i’m new user of survey solution and i’m planning ton conduct a new survey in the coming days but have no time and enough ressources to setup a local server. how to have access to WB cloud server and i would like to know if the Demo server is the Word Bank cloud Server.

Hello @mukendi , this is no longer an option as per info shown here:

Hello All, Please I plan to conduct a survey within a month. I am new to survey solutions and will like to know if I can implement the survey by getting access to a free server?