LOCAL INSTALLATION - I can't import Questionnaire

Hello, when I want to import the questionnaires I get the following message “The server is not registered with Questionnaire Designer. Please contact support for registration. IP:”. The server to access is, I already sent a request to survey solutions where they tell me that my request was approved for IP I already followed the steps that tell me how to disable firewall but nothing keeps getting the message. I hope your help, thank you very much

Dear @daysfade,

  1. please retry.
  2. you don’t need to disable the firewall, you need to configure firewall properly to permit outgoing queries from the Survey Solutions data server in your setup to the Designer site storing the designed questionnaires. Since you are seeing a meaningful response, this step is now likely done correctly.
  3. please log out of the Survey Solutions server, login as an HQ-user or admin and retry to import the questionnaire.

Sincerely, Sergiy Radyakin

I followed the steps and I already managed to import the questionnaire to my server. It is the first time that I use my own server :smiley: (before I used the one that gave me survey solutions). Thank you very much for the help

Sure, no problem, good luck with the survey!