Local backup of interviews

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While preparing a training for survey enumerators, the question came up whether it is possible to do a local backup of the collected data on the tablet. I have searched through the Support Portal and the User Forum but I am not sure I fully understand.

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A bit of background: We will explain to the enumerators what they can do in case they experience problems with the synchronisation of finished interviews (check the Wi-Fi connection, check whether the area that they are in has mobile coverage at all, make sure they have enough credit to use mobile data, make sure server URL is correct, change the timeout duration). Moreover, we are advising them to contact their supervisor if none of these solutions work (to make sure that the solutions above have all been tried). In case none of these solutions work, we would advise the supervisors/enumerators to delete and re-install the interviewer app. In case the synchronisation problem persists, we would use a replacement tablet.

For security reasons there is no functionality that will allow the end-user to transfer the interview data in SD-cards or similar media.

Any diagnostic files produced are not intended for such a use. Do not plan any protocol around such a scenario. The article that you cite is very specific about this:

This facility is intended for troubleshooting only, specifically, this is NOT a backup feature and not a data transfer feature, and should not be used or attempted to be used as such. You will not be able to restore the interviews data from this file.

Instead use synchronization.

All not synchronized interview data will be lost as a consequence.

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