Loading sample file

Hi All,

I haven’t worked with loading a sample file before on Survey Solutions.
I have gone through the tutorial and wanted to find out
1-Can preloading only be done under HQ or while testing as well?
If yes:How can I go about it?
2-I need to load around 5 variables all controlled by the ID which will be text.
Is this possible? and can I use text variables to set the answers? ie
ID=ABC5 then the areas autoset into text variable based on the loaded file?


Preloading can be done at the HQ only.
For testing there are scenarios.

You can preload all answers to questions in your survey, none, or anything in between. What matters is the type of the question. Which ones may and may not be preloaded, see in the “Design limitations by question type” article.

PS: If you are trying to do something like “if ID entered by interviewer is equal to 5, then set region to North and respondent to John Smith” then it seems to me that you totally didn’t get the concept of assignments and the overall workflow in Survey Solutions.

Hi Sergiy,

Thanks for the feedback.
The approach to use text variables for preload is because the number of areas to put as precode exceeds the required number.
I basically need to load them so as to assign them to the field team.
I have tried going through the tutorial but with no luck.


There is no limit on the number of values a text field can take.
Specifically, you can send your interviewers to 1million of different addresses, and the address is a text field.

Get some help, things will get more complicated later on.

Thanks Sergiy.
Will do.