Loading questionnaire issue


Using own IIS server on windows server 2019 with SS v.21.09.9 (build 32035).
Running a questionnaire with 2 language options, it cannot load due to the following errors in both CAPI and CAWI modes :
“FetchSectionEntities: d is undefined”,
“fetchSectionEntities: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘entities’)” and finally a generic code 500.
Other, simpler questionnaires do run ok.
The questionnaire runs perfectly in the designer test mode.
Any ideas?


Please try your questionnaire with a modern version.

Thank you Sergiy.

Is there an easy procedure to upgrade the Survey Solutions software on our server or do we have to uninstall the version that it is currently running and then install the latest one?
In case there is an upgrade option, is there any possibility to lose any data that is already saved in the server?

Thank you

Good day schar,

  1. Our general approach is to install the new version of the Survey Solutions application on top of the old one (without removing).
  2. Data has not to be harmed during removing, installation or reinstallation of the application because it is stored in data base (separate service).
  3. BUT, we always advise to make a backup of your data base before any manipulations with the application just in case.
    Best regards.

Thank you vfedoseev

New version installed.

@schar, has your original issue with loading the questionnaire been resolved after an update?

@sergiy , seems that the issue has been resolved. Only a few times I get an instant error message but the questionnaire works fine.

@schar , thank you very much for confirming the current version does not exhibit an earlier described issue with the questionnaire load.

I don’t understand what the following means:

If you suspect a strange behavior, please describe in a separate thread.

Best, Sergiy