Loading from tablet to server

Hello, I have a problem with the synchronization. The case is that an interviewer has 10 interviews on the tablet and when they synchronize, even though the message indicates successful synchronization, all the interviews do not reach the server instantly, but they do arrive in parts, that is, to the At the moment, only 7 of the days were loaded and later those 3 interviews appear. The first time I see a case like this in survey solutions, and I have already been working with several similar projects, they would like to know if the case I mentioned is possible, it is worth mentioning that the interviewers tell me that they have only synchronized once and a point important is that they are in a remote area with little internet coverage

Do they observe this happening or do they want this to happen?

Most likely there is confusion in expectations of Started/Completed interviews to be synced or Partial synchronization been enabled. But your description is not precise to understand what is going on. Try to replicate the problem in your office, and if happens provide the exact steps. You can use the demo server if necessary.

Any other users experiencing the same symptoms please add below.