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Good afternoon, SS community,

I have been developing several questionnaires and in some occasions, it is necessary to be creating many times the same options in different questions, for example, countries, if I have in the questionnaire 8 questions from countries with 20 options I must type the 20 options in the 8 questions. My suggestion is: Is it possible to create a single catalog for these options and thus be able to consult it as many times as necessary without consuming the space in memory of the questionnaire?

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This is a very good suggestion and we are thinking about doing so in the future. However, we have other priorities that might push the implementation of this feature for several months.

An advice: sometimes it is optimal to use a simple text question to record a country. Do not over program your questionnaires - a very typical mistake when the questionnaires are developed by IT professionals.

Hello Aaron,
thank you for the suggestion. Note that we have just released the new “classifications” feature in our most recent release two days ago.

With the classifications library adding standard options is a breeze. Just pick them from your list. But once included in the questionnaire each instance occupies it’s own space, increasing the total size. Having them shareable is another step and, as Misha said above, we are thinking about this, but it is not an immediate possibility right now.

Best, Sergiy

Hello Misha and Sergiy,
I thank both for their prompt response and I am glad to know that in the future we will have the suggested functionality, Misha’s comment I see it very well, the problem is that when you want to register information on economic activities or items of any sector, it will be up to the opinion of the interviewer enter the text and probably will not be the same on all occasions, therefore when generating statistics you will have to update all the information to the texts you want.

Sergiy a query regarding the bank of questions that you suggest, until now you can not enter new information in the classifiers (attached image), followed the process in the suggested link but I do not see the options that are detailed on the page.

Two quick follow-ups:

  1. The classification library should now be non-empty. This was a small bug that we quickly addressed.
  2. If none of the public classifications suit your needs, you can create private classifications and reuse those throughout your questionnaire. Note that these essentially offer a quick means for creating classifications once and using them several time. But when they are used in questionnaires, they are simply static copies of the classification at the time the classification was copied. If the classification is updated after copying, the copy in the questionnaire is not updated. Likewise, if the copy of the classification in the questionnaire is updated, the private classification in the library is not updated.

Hi friend,

Thanks for your comment, I just saw that my questionnaire designer was updated and I can see the options.