Load a specific interview by passing parameter on URL

I have one question for webinterview mode. If we have a questionnary with question Q0X for example and this question Q0X is unique for each questionnary. In webinterview mode, is it possible to load automatically the questionnary identifying by Q0X = 77867684 in the url of my brower.
For example https://adresse_of_serveur/WebInterview/idOfQuestionnaryInHQ?Q0X=77867684

Thanks in advance

Hello, ibdiop

We don’t have such functionality. All web link urls are generated by server.

Can You provide more information on what do You want to achive? Maybe we can help with proper solution.

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Hello alfeg,
Thanks for your reply.
I need to integrate SurveySolutions in a call center and use webmod interview of SuSo. We have an application GoAutodiall where the interviewers can call and dialler with household and we would give the interviewer to load the questionnary of the selected household automatically.
The schema likes this picture.

We have an API that You can use to solve your problem. While there is no ability to query by identifying question, but there is ability to create assignment that uniquely identify interview.

Questionnaire should contain phone number and other HH information as identifying questions https://support.mysurvey.solutions/questionnaire-designer/questions/question-scope-/

Your application (GoAutodiall or some intermediate app) should call Headquarters and create one assignment per household and store web interview link.

API that You need is POST /api/v1/assignments
With body like this:

  "Responsible": "string",
  "QuestionnaireId": "string",
  "Quantity": 1,
  "IdentifyingData": [
    { "Variable": "Q0X","Answer": "77867684" },
    { "Variable": "hh_address","Answer": "Some address" },
    { "Variable": "hh_head","Answer": "Person Name" },
    { "Variable": "hh_other_info","Answer": "Other info" }
  "Email": null,
  "Password": null,
  "WebMode": true,
  "IsAudioRecordingEnabled": false

In response there will WebInterviewLink property that can be used to open this web interview.

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Thank you alfeg,
i try this solution and return you later for the result.

There is also ability to query created interviews by Identifying question value via GraphQL endpoint at /graphql address.
You can navigate to /Interviews page and look for dev tools network tab for sample queries. Interviews page is build on top of GraphQL queries.

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The use of API in the above looks overly complicated to me.
It is not wrong. Just looks complicated.

Survey Solutions can open an interview by URL. You get these URLs as a file from the system from ‘Download web links’ (see #5 here):
Each of the link will have a form
And the phone number is something you preload to create it in the first place.

Thus even if your interviewer is clicking the 77xxxxxx on the link, it takes him in fact to I282ZWUJQ3.

I’m happy to inform you that we could integrate Survey Solutions with GoAutoDial using the web mode interview after downloading the web url. We used also the phone number (unique for each household) as the password to open the questionnay.

Thanks you for the suggestions