Listen to audio audit file in HQ/Supervisor

Use case: For certain surveys–maybe, in particular, the CATI ones done during the current COVID-19 pandemic–listening to the interview is an important quality assurance task (even if audio audit only captures what the interviewer says). To make that task easier, allow HQ/supervisors to listen to audio files in the interview review interface.

Implementation ideas:

  • Click button(s) to play audio file(s)
  • Limitations: web only (i.e., not Supervisor Android app)

Current work-around: The following process

  • Download binary data
  • Find file for a given interview
  • Play it

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Thanks Arthur. I second this feature suggestion. It would:

  1. simplify the set-up of QA systems using audio audits (and for what we have learnt so far, using audio audits is highly recommendable)

  2. Facilitate audio auditors work flow, as they can listen to the audio of the interview while being able to look at the interview and the interviewer responses, and are able to respond to supervisor level questions, all from within the same interface. Using different applications makes this harder.

For 2. to be possible, the buttons to play /pause audio and to select the audio file would have to be in a part of the interface that is visible in any section and if scrolling down, e.g. in the header of the interview.