List Roster only those that been selected in a linked MCQ

Dear Team,

I have the following problem:

I have a regular Multi-Select Q-Roster (socialgroup) sourced by a multi-select question.

Within socialgroup I have a multi-select question (q01) that is linked to my household roster (hhroster), so I eventually know which household members are part of respective social groups. I filter q01 with age>14.

I now want to ask more specific questions about activities of each member in each respective group. Therefore, within socialgroup I have another, nested, list question roster (hhmember_socialgroup) that I sourced with my “List all members of the household” question (hh00).

My problem: Of course, I only want those household members to pop up that have been selected in q01. I could use as an enabling condition for hhmember_socialgroup: q01.Contains(@rowcode), however this is only possible if I change the link of q01 from hhroster to hh00 but in this case I can not filter q01 for age any longer.

I tried several LINQ expressions as an enabling condition for hhmember_socialgroup but nothing works. Given the energy invested in this annoying problem I can’t think out of the box any longer and therefore would appreciate your help!


Peter, a member of my team who can help you, Sergiy Radyakin, is currently traveling. He should be back to office on Friday. He will respond to you then. Sorry for the delay.


Dear Peter,

thank you for your question. Please see the following example.

If this doesn’t address your case, please elaborate more or create a separate minimal example reproducing the issue and indicate the questionnaire title.

Please note also, that as of version 5.23 Survey Solutions does not permit to filter linked categorical questions linked directly to lists. Make sure you link to a roster triggered by a list, as this also may be a part of the problem, but you get a clear error message in this case.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

Dear Sergiy,

thanks a lot for providing an example.

Your solution works just fine!