List of interviewers

In Apis.Users there is a function getting the list of supervisors (SupervisorsListAsync).
Is there its counterpart for interviewers? If not, how can I retrieve the corresponding list of interviewers?
Thank you.
Ales Kanka

Please try to use this example

I implemented this before I started to look at the GraphQL queries.
I get the list of supervisors and then get the interviewers for each of the retrieved supervisors.
In R:

get.all.interviewers ← function() {
supers ← get.supervisors()
all ← data.frame()
for (sv in 1:nrow(supers)) {
enums ← get.interviewers(supers$id[sv]) # get next team
all ← rbind(all, enums) # add to accumulated teams

The original question was referring to the C# client so @andrii’s response stands.

However, if we’re showcasing how to do the same in other languages, here’s the version in python:

import ssaw

c = ssaw.Client('url', 'username', 'password')

# this will print all users
for u in ssaw.UsersApi(c).get_list():

# filtering and sorting is possible too
users = ssaw.UsersApi(c).get_list(order=[('full_name', 'DESC')], 

Hi @andrii, I am getting the following error when using the test code provided in the link:

{“errors”:[{“message”:“The field \u0060users\u0060 does not exist on the type \u0060HeadquartersQuery\u0060.”,“locations”:[{“line”:1,“column”:7}],“extensions”:{“type”:“HeadquartersQuery”,“field”:“users”,“responseName”:“users”,“specifiedBy”:“GraphQL”}}]}
Is there a way to get a list of interviewers, like there is for supervisors without using GraphQL?

hello @becollymore
what version of survey solutions are you using?

Hi @andrii, Thanks for responding…I’m using 21.01.8 (build 30793). Regards.