Linking options to previous multi-select question


I have a survey question that asks the respondents to select all of the crops that they are currently growing (out of a list of 33 crops). Once I know all the crops they are growing, I want to ask them a few questions along the lines of - “of all these crops, for which one do you use most of the land?” and then “for which one do you spend most on inputs?”
I do not want these questions to have 33 options, but I want them only to show the selection of crops that were chosen in the first question as options.
Do you know how I can do this?
I am trying to find a way to do it without making the first question become a list of the crops that the respondent grows (to avoid spelling mistakes). I want to keep it as a multi select and have the options for the subsequent questions be the crops that were selected in the first question.
Thanks for your help!

this is a very good idea.

This is also a good idea.

Yes, and you can do exactly that by applying a filter on options of the second question. There are cases like that in “Public example User questions and common patterns” questionnaire.