Linking interviews to assignments in exported data

I am trying to link interviews back to the assignments they were generated from. I may be missing something but I thought I could find the assignment number that the interview was generated from in one of the system generated files (like interview diagnostics) but it does not seem to be there. What’s the easiest way to do this using the exported data?

The easiest is probably to put a unique assignment number in one of the hidden variables during the preloading.

Hm. Fieldwork is over so that solution will not work. It was only about 40 interviews I had to link so I did it by manually looking the interview up on the server to get the assignment it was created from. A solution that will definitely not scale well.

If it is not too hard, can the assignment number the interview was generated from be added to the interview_diagnostics data file?

Building on @l2nguyen 's idea, would it be possible to add assignment__id to all export files so that files–or at least to the interview__* files–could be merged with the new assignment__actions file? This would make the latter file much more useful.

Check out the assignment__id variable in the main level file.

If the data was exported prior to version 19.10 and the server is still active, reexport the data now in the contemporary version.

Awesome. Problem solved. I hadn’t noticed that yet.

Well, that would have saved me a lot of time the other day. I was using a version exported when the server was still on 19.08 so that’s why the variable did not exist in my dataset. Good to know for the future. Thanks!