Linked values question

Hi there

I have the current setup in my questionnaire…

I have a roster (members_roster) consisting of 5 individuals
(Name1, Name2, Name3, Name4, Name5).
Within my roster I have a string Question (mem_id) for each individual
(Name1.mem_id = “AA1”, Name2.mem_id = “AA2”, Name3.mem_id = “AA3”,
Name4.mem_id = “AA4”, Name5.mem_id = “AA5”)
Within the same roster I have a Categorical: Single-select question (responsibile_member) which is linked to my roster.

My idea is to Select an individual by name and the mem_id of the selected individual should by stored into a string variable (var_mem_id).

Below is an example, but I would like to replace [index] with the selected item value from responsibile_member.

Is this possible and if so could you please assist?


Kind Regards
Eugene Ehlers


the problem with your approach is that you rely on the interviewers to assign IDs to the persons in the household, and while you may hope that they will assign
Name1.mem_id = “AA1”, Name2.mem_id = “AA2”, Name3.mem_id = “AA3”, Name4.mem_id = “AA4”, Name5.mem_id = “AA5”
they may very well do
Name1.mem_id = “AA1”, Name2.mem_id = “AA1”, Name3.mem_id = “AA1”, Name4.mem_id = “AA1”, Name5.mem_id = “AA1”

Instead, Survey Solutions generates its own IDs for all the roster items (persons in your case), which can be used to reference them in subsequent linked questions.
Later, if you need any associated information about this person, you can retrieve it by the internally generated ID. Reliance on automatically generated IDs saves the trouble of having to deal with the human errors, errors of input, etc, and as a result cleaning up the data later

What you ask is also possible, but I just don’t see how is this useful here.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin