Link two questions (multiple select and list) with different roster

In my questionnaire, I have :
a question B2 : member of household (type list)
–Section D (Roster 1 depending on B2). In this section i have a question named D6 (type list) where we ask a list of activities to the repondant
–Section E (roster 2 with a list of question). In this roster I have another question E1 (type multiselect) where we ask the two principal activities from ativities listed in D6.
But I can’t see the question D6 in the source of E1. How I can use list of activities given in D6 to E1?

Thanks in advance

Only if roster 2 is triggered by the same question as roster 1, you are able to refer to D6 as a source of E1.

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Thank you sergiy.
It work’s

My another question is, i have a roster under E1 and I want to link the roster with E1 (multiselect) but i c’an see E1 in the source field for the roster. How I can resolve it ?

So in the roster i change Source de Roster to List and indicate D6 as the question source. No I want to filter with two seclected activities in E1.
My code is


but SuSo show syntax errors : Impossible d’appliquer l’indexation à l’aide de [] à une expression de type int

If R3 is supposed to be triggered by E1 (both nested in R2) then it should be possible. Just make sure that the type of R3 is “multi-select”, not “list” since the type of the roster determines which questions will be shown as potential sources.

In R3, i indicate “multi-select” as the the type but i can’t see E1 in the sources

However if E1 is a static “multi-select” without source question, I can see it on the sources for the roster.