Link question blank page


I cant login to demo server (wrong password) to show you problem over there.

Link to another question not working when logged as Supervisor/Headquarters/Admin.



after click on link I going to section1 - question1 (everything is okay)


Supervisor/Headquarters/Admin after I click on link


opens blank page (check link bellow)

Browser (I tested on Chrome/Firefox) want to go to → xxx.xx/testisd/Interview/Review/b853b5b672d54b1485ffb6717261ba40/Section/Interview/Review/b853b5b672d54b1485ffb6717261ba40/Section/073359caff8f40e49c350c78775acbdd
instead of → xxx.xx/testisd/Interview/Review/b853b5b672d54b1485ffb6717261ba40/Section/073359caff8f40e49c350c78775acbdd#65158ccbc165e346387c7c67cd99925d

But if I use middle click (new page in browser) everything is okay, just if I use left mouse click than browser open blank page.


Version 22.06.9

Thank you very much for reporting the password issue with the demo server. This has been fixed.

Please try to replicate the issue on the demo server (in the current version). If the issue doesn’t reoccur - then please update your server, if the issue does reoccur, please indicate the interview number.

Thank you, Sergiy

here is a replicated issue

  • Interview Key: 28-54-75-90(Assignment #1637)

Thank you very much for reporting the issue.

The problem appears because of the redundant duplication of the part of the URL in the generated link:

xxx.xx/testisd/ Interview/Review/b853b5b672d54b1485ffb6717261ba40/Section/ Interview/Review/b853b5b672d54b1485ffb6717261ba40/Section/073359caff8f40e49c350c78775acbdd

This will be fixed in a future version. You can follow the status of the ticket here: