Limits of Rosters nested

Since version 19.02 the check on the size of the roster is now applied at run-time.

Currently I have a desing of the questionnary in my Survey Designer like this:

Explaining it:

  1. I have one dwelling
  2. Each dwelling can have a maximun of 3 households.
    2.1 Each household can have a maximun of 15 members.
    2.1.1 Each members have Forms (Sections in Survey Solutions) to answered. Each Forms (Sections in Survey Solutions) have chapters. Each chapters (subsections in Survey Solutions) have products.

My concern is to know if at some point, when the survey is in the field, this nesting of the lists could show me the error of the limits reached.

Interview contains total number of roster instances and questions exceeding the system limits.

Currently, my questionnaire is compiled perfectly, but I would like to know what could be the scenario where it reaches the limits of the nested rosters (how many products can be entered) and can no longer continue to collect information in the field.

As always I send my thanks to the entire Survey Solutions team for all your collaboration.

Survey Solutions does not allow rosters to explode uncontrollably, imposing the limits on how many items may be produced. This was verified at the Designer in the earlier versions, but was too restrictive for some known cases (typically, an enumeration area of 200 hh can be 1 building of 200 apartments, or 200 buildings with 1 hh in each, resulting pessimistically in 200x200=40,000 items estimation, while this is never the case in reality). Hence since version 19.02 the roster limits are no longer checked at design-time, but rather at run-time. See details here.

The same limits still apply, they are just checked dynamically at runtime:

Situation Limit
Maximum number of roster elements in a single roster (including rosters nested into it): 10,000 [items]
Maximum number of roster elements in the whole questionnaire: 80,000 [items]

Whether it is reachable in practice depends on what are the triggers for the rosters.

Thanks @sergiy.
I understand. In a realistic scenario it would be unlikely to reach the limits.
Thanks for the explanation for a pessimistic scenario.

@sergiy, what I have seen recently and I believe this may be due to the use of nested rosters is that the interviewer is asking that the interviewer do a synchronization. I think if I can restrict the size limits on the list that is triggering the list rosters, this will reduce the number of messages we get on the interviewer asking that the enumerator syncs the tablet. Am I right about that?

Multiple explanations possible.

Consult the following documentation page, based on the exact message you will find the situation and the recommendation.