Limiting maximum number of answers based on previous questions

Hi, I am asking a question about how many loans a business has taken in the past year. The following questions asks what are the sources of these loans, which is a multi-select question. Is there a way to limit the max no. of responses on the multi-select question, based on what the respondent answered in the previous question? Thank you.


@amuyeed, the limit on a multiselect question is a constant. You can opt with 2, or 3, or 23, but that must be a constant (since that will define the database fields/columns, for curious minds).

You can easily define a validation though, indicating an error “Number of sources more than the number of loans”. The corresponding condition is just: mcq.Length<=numLoans

Clearly, if the number of loans is zero, skip the sources question by putting an enabling condition there:

An alternative could be to ask for the source of every loan (N-roster and a single select question in it). However this is rather impractical when the number of loans is large.

@sergiy Hi Sergiy, thank you for prompt response. I was unaware of the length function, but that solves the problem!