Limited auto-complete in text fields

Use case: Currently, the text fields for questions and static text do not have auto-complete. For regular words, there is no need, and this feature may even be counter-productive. But there there is a need for text subtitution. In questionnaires with lots of rosters, it can be tedious (and error prone) to type %rostertitle% or %my_roster_id% for each substitution of the roster item into text (e.g., “How old is [NAME]?”). The main use cases I see are:

  • %rostertitle%
  • %my_roster_id%

One could also make the argument for regular text substitution (e.g., %var1%), but that might be overkill.

Changes: When the user types % in the text field for a question or static text, provide auto-completion of the keywords mentioned above.

Work-arounds: This is a convenience feature, and there are several acceptable, albeit annoying, work-arounds that I employ routinely:

  • Type out keywords manually every time.
  • Copy-paste from an external text editor.

You are correct to note that there is no intellisense suggestions for the text substitutions. After you type % nothing drops down, and as a matter of fact, at that point we still can’t be sure whether the user that types is means genuine percent, such as “…deviates by more than 5%”, or means a text substitution, until the second % sign is placed, by which time it is already not useful.

Be advised also of yet another behavior, while for the syntax expressions, highlighting in green indicates the variable name has been recognized and valid, the text substitution highlights the inner content of %-% always, whether it does exist or not (it will report conclusively during the compilation).

That said, I see no major problem with the current behavior. What you suggest is indeed a convenience feature.