Limit the started survey

Dear Sergy

I need to ask you the following question:
The interviewer is assigned 10 surveys and 7th of them have already started, but when starting the 8th survey, the interviewer application does not allow it.
Does Survey Interviewer have a maximum limit for already started surveys?


To get meaningful support by Sergiy (or others):
Can you specify “the interviewer application does not allow it”? Is there any error message? Or what is the exact behaviour of the application/device?

I did not come across this issue ever, and I don’t see any hard limits on that in the documentation. So kindly provide further details.

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For limits see here:

One can definitely have 8 open interviews, which you can convince yourself by simply trying, e.g. with a demo server.

@peter_brueck asks sensible questions. @rlarenas, what does it mean in your description “the interviewer application does not allow it”?