Limit options that will be shown in combo box

My last question in a combo box for geographical codes is household number (format: HH01, HH02, … HH03). Even if I use a unique code for each, I am not being allowed to have several HH01 or HH02 in the file. Any way to resolve it? Thank you!


Survey Solutions is trying to prevent a mistake in questionnaire design.

Clearly you will not design a categorical question “What is the household location? 1. urban, 2 rural, 3 rural, 4 rural” Since if the answer of the respondent is “rural” then what should the interviewer choose?

Going one step back to see the bigger picture, it seems from your question that you are trying to include your sample into the questionnaire which is even bigger mistake. Instead please read our Designer and HQ manuals for understanding the prefilled (identifying) questions, preloading assignments and overall system architecture.

Best, Sergiy

Dear Mr. Sergiy,

Thank you for your comment. It’s just that, for each village, only four household households are chosen from the 12 listed and we have that list in hand now. If Village A is chosen, I would like HH03, HH07, HH08, and HH09 to come up. Meanwhile, if Village B is chosen, I would like HH01, HH03, HH06, HH11 to come up. Would that be possible?

Sorry if my explanation is bad. Ty.

Your explanation is good. But the strategy that you are trying to pursue is not good. Sorry.

If the households are selected (sampled), the interviewers should not specify addresses. Instead, assignments should be made in the sample mode for the sampled households by the sampler, and the interviewers shouldn’t enter the household numbers at all, but proceed to designated households. That is why I recommended you to read the relevant topics in the documentation. Please do. Once you finish reading it, you will agree that you should prepare and upload a sample file of the kind:

village hhnr
A 3
A 7
A 8
A 9
B 1
B 3
B 6
B 11

Combobox doesn’t have to be involved at all here. Two text questions, or a text and a numeric are sufficient.

Best, Sergiy

Dear Mr. Sergiy,

Thank you. I now understand what you are saying. That since the households are now known, better to assign pre-survey than do census mode. I will read on the documentations to know more.

Have a good day ahead.