Limit on number prefilled variables

Would it be possible to have 300 prefilled variables in a survey? Or is there a limit to how many we can prefill?

‘prefilled’ denotes variables that will be displayed on the DASHBOARDs of the interviewer, supervisor, etc to IDENTIFY a household. Most likely you don’ t want to have 300 prefilled variables, but just 2-3.

‘preloaded’ denotes variables that are assigned values when an assignment is created at the headquarter in the sample mode. Any number of questions in a questionnaire may be preloaded.

Best, Sergiy


I don’t understand a question “how to program with them in Designer?”.
Kindly elaborate on the particular project, questionnaire and situation you are dealing with.

Best, Sergiy

Thanks for clarifying the difference between preloaded and prefilled. Is there a resources available that can give more information on how these are used differently and how to program with them in Designer?