Limit on exported data from Assignments using API

Hello there!

I’m trying to request some data from the assignments, like the date it was created and updated, using the API interface from Survey solutions.

My problem is that I’ve encountered that there’s a limit on the number of data I can get. I’m using the GET request (/api/v1/assignments) and I can only get info of 100 assignments, even if I change the limit on the parameters.

Do you know if there’s a way to get info of more than 100 assignments through the API?

Thank you!

jrojasc, if there are more assignments you send multiple queries changing the offset parameter of the query to get a new portion.

Thank you sergiy.

I do get new assignments changing the offset parameter, but my problem now is that for example, for certain questionaireId, I’m getting assignments from questionaireId that are different from the one I’m using.

For example, for one questionaire I have 299 assignments, but I can retrieve more than 299 through the API, and actually, some of them are associated to other questionaireId.

The query to pull assignments contains a parameter questionnaireId which defines which questionnaire should be looked at. Make sure you are using it in your query.

If you are getting in your response the assignments on a different questionnaire, please contact the support directly showing:

  • the queries that you’ve sent,
  • to which server and
  • the responses you’ve received.

Highlight the discrepancies and we will investigate.