Limit of number of questions in single interview exceeded


I have a new question. Exist a limit of number of question with the new version of Survey Solutions?

My question is because today when I was compile my questionnary I found that:

But I had worked in the past version of Survey Solutions with questionnary with more questions and more rosters and never have this error.

I have review this past post

Exceeded Number of Rosters?

But isn’t my case since I have rosters of fixed sets of elements.



this questionnaire is valid given our declared limits. With this example we have identified a bug in our code that estimates the size of various branches of the questionnaire and will be updating the Designer with a fix next week.

After the update the Designer will compile this questionnaire without this error message.

Thank you for reporting the issue, Sergiy

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Hi Sergiy,
I also have the same error message that is new when I compile my questionnaire on the designer.
I wanted to know if this was also due to the bug you identified in your code.

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Yes, this is a bug. We plan to release a hotfix early this week.

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Ok, thanks a lot for your quick answer

@sergiy and @misha thanks for the help.