Likert scale, multiple statements

Under 1 question, I would like to add multiple options to a answered with on a Likert scale.
Please advice.

7 single choice questions

Makes sense, for processing data in SPSS

Follow-up question. Which mattered most: capturing this information or presenting the end user the questions with this interface (i.e., a matrix where rows are questions/statements and columns are answer options)?

Arthur, I think there is only one way of answering your question since capturing the same information with a different presentation makes sense, but presenting in exactly this way without capturing doesn’t.

So capturing is necessity, while presentation is desirability.

When it comes to presenting and ease of responses for respondents I think having the ability to generate displays like the one above is important. Is there not a way to present this type of format in SS?

Keep in mind that not every survey is presented to the respondent.

But have a look here:

Could you please decompose “important”? Does it reduce cost by 10%? Or improve response rate by 10%? Can you direct to an appropriate study of it?

I would like to weigh in. One of the challenges we face while conducting surveys involving a team (survey designer and interviewers are not the same person), is getting the expectations of the questions across, and getting an appropriate and accurate answers. Presenting the question and options in a specific way helps the person answering and the interviewer better understand the what is expected.

A likert scale is just one of these presentations, that help in conveying the expectations across. You can definitely just use a single choice question, but I would prefer to that the interviewer be free of processing what is expected by this question while conveying to the respondent. It should be obvious.

In the example below, I would prefer to see the question and options as likert scale and not single select options.

I don’t know if we can quantify the benefits in costs, time or response rate, but it would definitely improve the quality and accuracy of the data.