Likert Scale for the interviewer

I have to use a question with 5 possible responses “Very Happy” to “Very Sad”. I am using a single response question. Is there any way to display this question for the interviewer as a Likert scale with 5 stops?

Hello, ashwinikalantri, and thank you for the question.

A scale is a scale whether it is showing categories horizontally or vertically. So for a Likert scale you are correctly using a single-select question. For more compact presentation you could mark it as a combobox.

There is no presentation of the single select question like the one shown in your linked page.

Best, Sergiy

Dear @sergiy,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

I understand that a scale is going to record the same response irrespective of the appearance.

In this case, we ask the interviewee to select how they feel. It brings some objectivity to a very subjective question. So, having better representation matters.

I have used ODK and really miss being able to custom appearances for each question.


Nothing is free. We use standard Android components and this is why our tablet UI is so smooth. You can have sections with hundreds of questions that will be rendered very efficiently on the tablet with minimal delays when scrolling.

Obviously, custom controls give you more flexibility, but it also shows down the UI and overall tablet performance. We hear from ODK users that performance of ODK for large questionnaires is not stellar.

Dear @misha,

I understand the need to balance performance and features. I also hope that you find a way to add this feature without compromising performance.