Last sync date of interviewers

The interviewer page shows a few details about the Interviewers including their Name, email, supervisor, creation date etc. It would help monitor the interviewers if we can also have the date and time of last successful sync also displayed in this table. This is displayed in the individual interviewer page, but its easier to have it available for all interviewers at a glance.

You can download xlsx report from interviewers list at the bottom of the table. There are two columns that will give you required information z_serverClockAtBeginLastSync and z_tabletClockAtBeginLastSync

Another work-around, particularly useful if you’re building a report/dashboard:

  • Fetch the tablet action logs from the GET ​/api​/v1​/interviewers​/{id}​/actions-log endpoint
  • Parse the logs to find the last syc date

Since I know you’re an R user @ashwinikalantri, I can share some R scripts soon, which I need to clean up a bit before sharing. Later this year, free time permitting, I hope to have an R package on GitHub of some assorted workflow and convenience functions like this.

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Yes, this helps. But its easier to have it available at a glance in the interviewer page.

These scripts and the package will be great help! Looking forward!